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Types of e-employees

Posted by adela | mBIZ Concepts | Thursday 17 February 2011 %I:%M %p

In practical life there can be identified four types of e-employees:

  • teleworkers: are home e-employees of in other words the ones who use the computer and telecommunications for to administrate their work from their “own residence” from home, also named as SOHO-Small Office Home Office. For example: women with e-Secretariate contracts, e-typewriting, on-line introduction of information in data bases, completion of on-line questionnaire, e-mail-promotion companies. In this category we can mention independent persons, pensioneers, persons with handicap, “po-jama people” or whoever desires to develop a “home-based business”
  • multi-locational eWorkers: are the e-employees that alternates between “the residence” from home and the one from the office, or work in a nomad way from different locations.
  • e-lancer, freelancer are persons that consider themselves their own employees and deliver e-services to clients using a computer connected to the Internet. They are the under-contractors that transform themselves quickly and easy into self-employed e-workers. They are the specialists that give themselves work to do, without having other employees or assistents. For example: the journalists, consultants, the professionals.
  • mobile teleworkers, nomadic worker are the employees that use vehicles and m-equipments connected to the Internet, for to work anytime-anywhere, for example: in the vehicle, at the client, at the hotel, at home or abroad. We will mention  some of them: voyageers, messengers, tourism and assurance agents, brookers, dealers, m-boss…

via: mKM: mobile Knowledge Management -  Mlesnita R.A., Muntean, Cervinschi, Editura AcademicPres, 2009, Cluj-Napoca – (ISBN 978-973-744-199-7)

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